• Telephone Field Format Enforcer

Phone numbers are ubiquitous and people generally retain the same number for a long period of time, e.g. a decade or more. This means most ecommerce site will still be able to use this method for the majority if not all of their users.

This module allows your to enforce the telephone field format to any format you want. This is a major feature missing in Opencart.

You can force the:

  • Country code or not
  • The phone number size
  • International vs national phone notation
  • Any format you can imagine.


  • This extension has been extensively tested with default Opencart Theme without custom checkout plugins. When using custom checkout plugins or custom themes that modify heavily the classical login process (especially at checkout), it is worth noting that some additional integration work may be needed at additional cost.
  • Opencart 2 version of this extension has more features than opencart 1 version. If you want the same feature set for Opencart 1 contact us to discuss developing them for you (EXTRA)
  • Dreamvention AJAX Quick Checkout is not compatible and will NEVER be integrated with this extension.



Front office:

alt text

✪ Country fields coordination − Advanced feature (EXTRA)

This is an advanced feature package that requires the FFE (Field Format Enforcer) extension and cannot work without it.

Once installed, then, at registration step, when user selects one of FFE enabled countries, the country in the address fieldset will be updated accordingly and becomes non-editable.

This is a clever way to avoid customers register with a telephone that belongs to country A (example: Qatar) while the address is in country B (example: Bahrain).



  • We offer phone number database conversion services. Example: convert all registered phone numbers in database to international format. Contact us.

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Telephone Field Format Enforcer

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