• Telephone Field Format Enforcer for OC3

This extension is a must whenever you need to send SMS reliably using SMS gateways which require number to be formatted in particular format.

Also if your site is using phone numbers to let customers to log in, then this extension will also be helpful because customers will be enforced to always enter their telephone in the same format which is the format you defined. No ambiguity.

This module allows your to enforce the telephone field format to any format you want. This is a major feature missing in Opencart.

You can force the:

  • Country code or not
  • The phone number size
  • International vs national phone notation
  • Any format you can imagine.


  • This extension has been extensively tested with default Opencart Theme without custom checkout plugins. When using custom checkout plugins or custom themes that modify heavily the classical login process (especially at checkout), it is worth noting that some additional integration work may be needed at additional cost.
  • Dreamvention AJAX Quick Checkout is not compatible and will NEVER be integrated with this extension.


  • Integration with journal 3 quick checkout



Front office:

You can check for example the new country field and the telephone mask at the register page, next go to account edit and see how the country is automatically selected and the mask applied.

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Telephone Field Format Enforcer for OC3

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