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This is the updated version of smshare extension (best seller for opencart2), the ultimate SMS extension for Opencart 3

Supports any gateways

Use your Android phone with your SMS plan (see pricing) or add your SMS gateway to send bulk SMS. You can change SMS provider as you want. Some tested Gateways are listed below but any gateway will work:

Customer notification by SMS

  • Notify customers by SMS when you update their orders from Order History page.
  • You can associate an order status with a custom template.
  • Notify clients by SMS on new order once they complete the online transaction.
  • Notify clients or admin by SMS on registration

SMS templates

Customize the SMS you send to the customer or store owner on checkout by using variable substitution.

Example: "Dear {customer_name} thanks for your order…" becomes "Dear John thanks for your order…"

Available variables:

  • Customer Firstname / Lastname / Phone number
  • Order ID
  • Total
  • Store url
  • Shipping address / method
  • Payment address / method
  • etc, ...

Phone number rewriting

Your gateway requires international format? You can rewrite number on the fly before sending SMS.

Phone number filtering

Filter by starting digits and phone number length to avoid sending automatic SMS to international numbers.

Notify store owner for new order

Send a SMS to store owner or any additional phone number when a new order is created using templates.

Muted statuses

Do not send SMS to customer on new order if the order status is one of the checked statuses (like failed statuses)

Send SMS to selected orders from order list page

alt text

Send tracking info by SMS:

Install powertrack module and send tracking code by SMS automatically on order status update.

Multi languages support

Setting page is available also in Arabic (user contribution). SMS can be sent in any language.

alt text

Number Insight API − Advanced feature (EXTRA)

Does your SMS gateway require a special number format to send SMS correctly? The Number Insight API was developed to solve this problem. Using the phone number and the country code of the customer (from the address), the number insight API will rewrite the phone number into any format you specify that makes the phone number compatible with the SMS gatewa

Multistores support − Advanced feature (EXTRA)

Do you have multiple stores running under the same opencart site? Do you need to customize the SMS templates per store? This advanced feature is for you. Contact us!

Available integration (EXTRA)

  • Support smartcheckout extension developed by ocdev wizard. Extension id 20548

  • Integration with Journal 2 Quick Checkout


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SMS Notification,Template & Contact–Android or any Gateway - OC 3

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